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e-DOCX Registration & Login

e-DOCX Productivity System

e-JBCC uses the e-DOCX System to provide added value document productivity enhancing facilities in order to save time. It is an application and not just a shopping basket. This means that Users will need to familiarize themselves with how it works. To access e-DOCX you need to click "Create Account" to register your details for free so that you can purchase JBCC Documents and benefit from all the productivity facilities such as collaboration, revision control, automated population, replication across Agreements and online storage inter alia.

The major productivity facility, is that Users are able to capture information regarding a new Project once and then it is stored and automatically inserted into any Document of choice, be it PROCSA, JBCC, Health & Safety etc.

 If you have already registered, enter your email and password and click “Log In” 





  e-Cloud Construction 


Click on the logo above for information about the new e-CLOUD Construction Suite of Productivity Services 



Any User of e-DOCX needs to Create an Account and Register their details in order to access the Documents and Services provided. This Registration is free and immediate. The Services include e-PROCSA, e-JBCC, e-SAFETY, e-NBR Document Access Services etc. Once you have Registered your details, you will be emailed a temporary Username and Password in order to verify your email address. You are then required to Login with this Username and Password and purchase Credits in order to purchase Documents. You can change your temporary Password at any time. Registered Users have access to a range of different Document Suites.

Registered Users can purchase Documents using a credit a Credit or Debit Card at any time, day or night 24/7. 


Mandatory: Adobe Acrobat Reader
Note: You will not be able to open the Documents unless you have the latest Acrobat Reader version installed on your workstation.  Please click on the logo below to download the free latest version of Acrobat Reader onto your  workstation. 
Get Adobe Reader 

The following software is required to use this service. If you use other software not listed below we cannot guarantee that it will work. Other PDF software applications will NOT work. Also please note that if you are using an operating system other than Microsoft Windows, it may be bundled with its own PDF viewer. This will also NOT work.

Web Browser:

Internet Explorer version 7 and upwards for Microsoft Windows (XP, 2000, Vista & Windows 7)

Mozilla Firefox version 4 and upwards. Mozilla is available for most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Apple Macintosh

If you need Mozilla Firefox you may download from their website by clicking on the button below.


If you are using Google Chrome please apply the following steps to enable the Adobe Reader plugin to ensure the service works properly:

In the Chrome address bar, type chrome://plugins (top of the browser where you type in website addresses)

  • Click on Disable Chrome PDF Viewer.
  • Click on Enable the Adobe Acrobat/ Adobe Reader plugin.

If you are using Apple Macintosh please apply the following steps to enable the Adobe Reader plugin to ensure the service works properly:

  • Ensure Adobe Acrobat reader is installed and is the default PDF application
  • If the PDF still does not open or save, then your browser may need to run in 32 bit mode. Right click on the file to bring up the contextual menu. Select "Get Info" and check the 32 bit checkbox. You may need to restart the browser for this to work.
  • Some users have had success with using Safari (running in 32 bit mode) but if you have any issues please use Firefox.